Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties such as, problems with reading, writing, math, or learning in general stem from concerns typically expressed by teachers.  At times, parents notice these symptoms as well.  Many cases involve difficulties with processing or retaining information, the rate at which information is processed, and/or difficulty learning specific types of information (i.e., verbal versus visual).   This type of assessment is typically referred to as a Psycho-Educational Evaluation or Assessment.


A trained clinician specializes in testing measures, which thoroughly assess the specific type of learning problem and how the difficulty impedes the person on a daily basis.   In addition, learning problems may derive from other factors such as, cognitive delays or low IQ.   Seeking a thorough Psycho-Educational Assessment helps determine where the difficulty stems from.  Obtaining the diagnoses can lead to special education services, treatment, and/or additional resources that are available in the community. 

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