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We ask that the parents download, print, and complete the patient forms prior to the first appointment.  Click Here for the FORMS.


The cost of a psychological assessment varies according to the type of evaluation that would be the most beneficial to your child as well as your child’s age (i.e., young child, school-age child, and adolescent) and ranges from $1500 for children under age 5 and $2500 for children over age 5.

Cost includes the intake appointment, testing sessions, parent feedback session, collaboration with teachers, collaboration with others involved in your child’s care (i.e., school counselors, pediatricians, school counselors, child and adolescent psychiatrists), report writing, and the 5 to 15 page report.  School-age and adolescent evaluations are typically higher in cost as they require a more detailed intake and additional testing (compared to young child). Some school-aged and adolescent evaluations also include a school observation. Should you decide that support during the school meeting or the IEP would be helpful, additional costs can be determined at that time.

School observations may be included, they are optional.

The evaluation process: The evaluation consists of 4 to 6, 2-hour sessions, which begin with the intake session (parents/caregivers only), two to three testing sessions (patient/parent drop off), and the parent feedback session (parents only). The written report will be mailed after the assessment.

The report includes a detailed write up and includes a comprehensive history, findings, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations. The report can be used to aid decisions made during IEP meets or to determine which type of special education services would benefit your child. The report should be provided to your child’s pediatrician, IEP team, and/or child & adolescent psychiatrist.


We accept some insurance, please contact to inquire. Most PPO plan members can be re-imbursed by their insurance company.

Please note insurance covers most of the cost of the evaluation. However, the patient’s parent/legal guardian is responsible for any outstanding costs (i.e., co-pays, out of network, other costs not covered by your insurance company).


Appointments are regarded as contract for the exclusive use of the doctor’s time.  If a patient is 30 minutes late, this is considered a missed appointment – as testing sessions typically last 2 hours.   For any missed appointments in which a 24 hour advance cancellation notice is not given, a charge of $150 will be invoiced (please note – insurance does not cover this cost).


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